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Our Services

We specialize in creating customized plans that work towards helping our clients retire comfortably. We take a step-by-step approach to retirement planning, evaluating your family’s needs at every step of your financial journey.

Retirement Lifestyle Planning

When you imagine your life in retirement, what comes to mind? Traveling to new and exotic lands? A vacation destination that draws in the whole family summer after summer? An RV to explore the gorgeous North American landscape? A collection of classic cars or just spending time with people you care about most. Whatever you envision, Weiler Financial can help you create a step-by-step plan to pursue your dream retirement.

Investment Planning For Retirement

As you near retirement, your investment goals will undergo a drastic change. Weiler Financial will help you transition to more conservative investments that focus on preserving the wealth you have worked so hard to build. We will conduct periodic reviews of your investments and meet with you to explore different conservative options to preserve your legacy.

Retirement Income Planning

Most retirees have worked for over 30 years, and the sudden loss of a scheduled paycheck can cause stress and fear. We can design an Income Plan that will replace your paycheck, utilizing your available savings, Social Security, Pensions, and other income opportunities to provide a comfortable and dependable income in retirement. This stable income simplifies your financial life and eliminates the guesswork of a less-structured budget.

Legacy Planning

Ultimately, you want to ensure your family is taken care of. Weiler Financial will help you craft a comprehensive Estate Plan that ensures your money passes to your loved ones, and not the government. We will help your family adjust their income, investments, Social Security, and Medicare withholdings while providing the emotional support and compassion that is vital during such a stressful transition. With careful financial planning, you can craft a legacy of support that will ensure for generations.